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Joey P. San Nicolas                                                                            




Tinian Mayor Thanks SNI Municipal Council For Rota Fundraising Effort

Tinian and Aguiguan Mayor Joey P. San Nicolas has commended the Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council for their efforts and leadership in organizing a relief fundraiser for the island of Rota as they recover from Typhoon Dolphin.

“The people of Tinian are well aware of the difficulties rebuilding after a devastating storm and we know that help from neighboring islands is greatly needed,” he said.

San Nicolas said the Tinian leadership is more than willing to participate in the fundraising efforts and its own fundraising efforts to help Rota will be led by councilman Edwin M. Hofschneider.

“I have full confidence in Councilman Hofschneider to coordinate and lead the fundraising efforts in Tinian; and I will likewise pledge the full support of the Mayor’s Office. To the people of Rota, rest assured that the people of Tinian are here to help.”



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