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TINIAN (Press Release, July 28, 2015) — With the members of the Tinian leadership and his cabinet by his side, Mayor Joey P. San Nicolas declared that Tinian is going green.

On Monday, Mayor San Nicolas, along with Delegation Chairman Francisco Borja, Rep. Edwin Aldan, Tinian Municipal Council Chairman Ray Cing and Secretary Edwin Hofchneider, announced that they have started a recycling program in an effort to reduce the amount of trash produced on island. Moreover, the Tinian leaders pledged their support to reduce the footprint at the current Tinian dump as they move forward toward eventually closing the dump altogether.

“Today the mayor distributed recycling bins to all Tinian agencies for aluminum cans and plastic bottles. This, I believe, is a step in the right direction. We will eventually be reaching out to the business community as well as to the public school system, and our Tinian households,” said Delegation Chairman Borja.

Council Chairman Cing also highlighted DPL’s designation of property located within yards of the Department of Public Works and DLNR compounds, for the disposal of green waste. “Tinian Developer Alter City Group will put up the fencing while Tinian DPW Solid Waste will be managing the disposal of green waste,” said Chairman Cing.

On July 2, Mayor San Nicolas and the Tinian Leadership called upon all Tinian landfill stakeholders to discuss the short-term, midterm, and long-term solid waste disposal needs of Tinian. In attendance were Mar For Pac, DPL, BECQ, DPW-Solid Waste, EPA, CIP, and Alter City Group.

“One of the milestones that we set out was the execution of a memorandum of understanding with Alter City Group, thereby setting the path toward the eventual closure of the dump. We have executed the MOU and the fencing is being placed at the dump and the proposed green waste site,” said Mayor San Nicolas.

TMC Secretary Hofschneider, who is also a CRM employee, said he is excited about the progress Tinian is making towards making Tinian a cleaner and greener place to live.

Representative Aldan also announced that “in the very near future, Tinian will be joining forces with BECQ, Mariana Island Nature Alliance, PSS, and Alter City Group to bring its education and awareness campaigns to the homes of Tinian residents.”

For more information about the recycling program, call David M. Evangelista at 433-1800.

Courtesy of Marianas Variety