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Saipan Relief Raffle Fundraising

Office of the Mayor

Municipality of Tinian &Aguiguan



Joey P. San Nicolas


Saipan Relief Raffle Fundraiser

On behalf of the People of the Municipality of Tinian & Aguiguan Islands, I want to extend our sincerest appreciation and gratitude for all those who bought raffle tickets and donated during last Friday’s (August 7, 2015) Saipan Relief Raffle Fundraiser and Donation Drive.  The money raised and food/supply donations are a reflection of our community’s commitment to assist our brothers and sisters in Saipan during this challenging time.

I also want to extend our sincerest appreciation and gratitude to SN5 for their donations of 20 bags of ice to our guesthouse patients on Saipan. As well as free shipping of our Saipan Relief drive items to be given to the Salvation Army.

Un Sen Dangkulu Na Si Yu’us Ma’ase, Salamat Po, & Thank You to all of you who helped and continue to extend your assistance!



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