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Tinian Entertainment Company’s Casino License Application Deemed Substantially Complete


In meeting held on Saturday, with Tinian Entertainment Company executives, Tinian Mayor Joey P. San Nicolas and the members of the Tinian Leadership were informed that TCGCC has deemed TEC’s casino license application substantially complete. In a letter dated, September 4, 2015, addressed to Kwok Hing Wilfred Lam, TCGCC Executive Director Lucia Blanco-Maritita states, “based on our review we deem the application of TEC to be substantially complete pursuant to the MOU dated July 1, 2015”.   


This news has been long awaited for by the Tinian Mayor who has previously expressed his concerns over the Dynasty’s impending closure. “It was inevitable that the hotel would all together close, once the casino operations closed. I hope that now that TEC’s application is finally deemed to be substantially complete, the investigation process can be expedited, so that if TEC is found to be a fit applicant, they can assume the operations of the casino.”  


In her letter, Blanco-Maritita also states that “this finding by the TCGCC is made with a clear understanding that TEC shall deposit with the TCGCC additional refundable investigative funds in the amount of $100,000 no later than September 9, 2015.” TEC has already previously submitted $100,000 to TCGCC. Blanco-Maritita further stated “if funds are not deposited by that date, the investigation will not commence and the MOU timelines will be impacted.”


According to the letter to TEC, “significant amount of additional information and documentation is required for the investigative process.”   The Mayor is hopeful that TCGCC and TEC will work cooperatively and expeditiously during the investigative process with the hopes that the full closure of the Dynasty will be prevented.    “This process is completely up to TCGCC and TEC.  My hope is that TCGCC works swiftly within the confines of the regulation, to fully vet TEC, and that this matter is resolved as soon as possible.”   


The closure of Tinian Dynasty will leave close to 600 people jobless on Tinian whose only other primary employer is the government. Of this total number, 75 are locals and the rest are contract workers. On December 8, 2014, USCIS denied all HKE’s CW-1 petitions. “There is misconception out there that these CW’s can be transferred to another employer such as Best Sunshine. Once the Dynasty closes, they have to leave the CNMI altogether,” stated Mayor San Nicolas. “A closure of the Dynasty is more than just an economic devastation. There are very human heart-wrenching consequences and as leaders of this community, we are looked to for answers”


During the meeting on Saturday, MVA Executive Director Perry Tenorio and Tinian Labor Resident Department Head Jay San Nicolas were also invited to participate in the meeting to be apprised of the Dynasty’s situation. Senator Jude Hofschneider on behalf of the Tinian Delegation and all members of the Tinian Municipal Council were also present to be updated of the situation



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