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Joey P. San Nicolas                                                                            


Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino gives notice of imminent Hotel Closure


Hong Kong Entertainment Chairman Wai Chan informed Tinian Mayor Joey P. San Nicolas to expect the full closure of Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino before the end of September. In a letter dated September 1, 2015, the Chairman states that they “do not have the necessary capital resources of business revenue to sustain the hotel.” Last month, HKE closed its casino operations shortly after Typhoon Soudelor devastated the CNMI causing the cancellations of chartered flights that bring hundreds of tourists to the CNMI. 


HKE is still currently awaiting for TCGCC’s approval of Tinian Entertainment Co. (TEC) casino license application to assume the operational control of the casino. Mayor San Nicolas earlier expressed his hope that “TCGCC and TEC will work cooperatively towards the goal of reopening the casino operations.” In their letter to the Mayor, HKE stated that they were currently operating at a significant loss and could not afford to sustain the hotel due to “insufficient guest arrival and negative cash flow.”  


Mayor San Nicolas expressed that “The government cannot be the only source of employment for this community. We simply can’t afford it. That is why we as leaders need to seek ways to promote and support private sector employment.” The Dynasty is Tinian’s largest private employer with close to 600 employees which include contract workers and many local residents from both Tinian and Saipan. Mayor San Nicolas responded to the news stating that “a complete shut-down of the Dynasty will be devastating. There is no other industry that these people can turn to for their livelihood.” 


Last month, Mayor San Nicolas also gave notice to Tinian Municipal employees about the likelihood of their contract not being renewed as a result of the casino operation’s closure. Over 40 municipal employees will likely be affected by the shut-down of casino operations as well as numerous public programs and activities that are funded by casino revenues.  


Mayor San Nicolas also expressed his concern over the collateral damage that would result of the hotel’s shut down. “The complete shutdown of the Dynasty means hundreds of people unemployed. This means less people eating out at restaurants and buying at the grocery stores. This undoubtedly will have a devastating impact on our fragile local economy.”  


The Mayor has met with the Governor to apprise him of the situation. “I met with the Governor to inform him of the closure and to find ways to help the hundreds who will be left jobless by the hotel’s closure. The Governor is just as equally concerned.” Mayor San Nicolas stated that he and the Governor are exploring the possibility of tapping into grant money from the Department of Labor that was awarded to assist with displaced workers.  



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