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San Nicolas: Zero Tolerance For "Ice" Use

Tinian Mayor Joey Patrick San Nicolas is reminding the island’s government employees that he has zero tolerance for illegal drugs, particularly methamphetamine or “ice.”

San Nicolas told Saipan Tribune that he has been very consistent in his stance against illegal drugs and has had conversations with employees and potential employees about his zero tolerance policy.

“If you want to work for the public, then you must adhere to the rules. And one big rule is no use of illegal substances particularly crystal meth,” the mayor said.

He said many people have lost their savings and fortune because of addiction to “ice” and other problems associated with the use of meth.

“My message is this: Do not violate the law. Do not use crystal meth. If you are caught, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” he said.

The Department of Public Safety, in conjunction with the Department of Finance’s Division of Customs K-9 Unit, recently conducted recently a three-day Highway Criminal Interdiction Patrol on the island.