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Mayor San Nicolas Brings Good News From China Trip

Office of the Mayor

Municipality of Tinian and Aguiguan




May 5, 2016


In recent trip to Beijing and Hong Kong, Mayor Joey P. San Nicolas, Senator Francisco Q. Cruz and MOT Chief of Staff Allen Perez met with various Tinian investors to discuss how the Municipality and the investors could work collaboratively to fast-track economic development for the island of Tinian.


Among the investors were Alter City Group, Bridge Investment Group, Chinese Strategic, and Mega Stars. In his discussions with the investors, Mayor San Nicolas stressed the island’s reliance on the tourism and casino industry and urged the investors to also consider the possibility of investing in the Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino.


As a result of the trip, the Mayor is pleased to report that there is serious interest from an investor who is willing to work with the Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission towards being found suitable    to    assume    ownership    of    the    now    closed    hotel    and    casino        complex

In Beijing, the corporate partners of Bridge Investment Group held a presentation of their EB5 Regional Center.




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Mega Stars are the current owners of Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino, and they discussed the possibility of reopening the Dynasty as well as looking into bringing in other investors to partner with the Kastiyu project that was planned a few years ago.



At Macau, Mayor San Nicolas presented a plaque of Corporate Citizen to Alter City Group, and also presented Honorary Citizen plaques to Mr. Ken Lin, and Mr. Kin Ian Leong.


“Since my meeting in Hong Kong, this investor has visited Tinian and has begun discussions with TCGCC to begin their application process and it is my understanding that the investigation of the applicant will begin shortly. In these discussions, the investor also disclosed how he intends to address the outstanding liabilities which include the FINCEN fines, and moneys owed to the employees and vendors,” stated Mayor San Nicolas. “I am cautiously optimistic that we will see the Dynasty doors open sometime later this year if not early next year.”



In the meeting with the Alter City Group, the Tinian group were briefed that ACG is currently at the beginning stages of Phase 1 of their plans to construct a five star hotel and casino, luxurious villas, and a golf course at the western side of Tinian. This development would provide thousands of job opportunities which will have a positive economic impact for the island of Tinian. Mayor San Nicolas and Senator Cruz, on behalf of the Tinian leadership, renewed their pledge to assist the group with their development.



Mayor San Nicolas and Senator Cruz met with Tim Chen and the Chinese Strategic to discuss their continued interest in the Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino and their plans for possibly re-opening the hotel and casino.