Press Releases

Press Releases from the Marianas Variety and Saipan Tribune newspaper outlets pertaining to the island of Tinian and Aguiguan and it's Municipality. 


Dboi Cruz is Tinian’s Overall Employee of the Year                                                          By Joshua Santos | Posted on Sep 07 2021

Seabees help clean up NMC Tinian                                                             By Press Release | Posted on Aug 23 2021

Next Tinian BBB festival in July 2022; Chief Taga Day in October                          By Joshua Santos | Posted on Aug 23 2021

Tinian beef festival starts today                                                                   By Joshua Santos | Posted on Aug 13 2021

CHCC-Community Guidance Center certifies 12 in Adult Mental Health First Aid                   By CHCC Posted on Aug 6, 2021

USDA approves Tinian slaughterhouse opening, says mayor                               By Bryan Manabat Posted on Aug 6, 2021 Updated Aug 6, 2021