In this Section:

Established in Article VI, section 3 of the Commonwealth Constitution states that the Mayor shall serve on the Governor’s Council as established by Section 5 of this article,  shall administer government programs, public services, and appropriations provided by law, for the island or islands served by the mayor, and shall report quarterly to the governor, relating to these programs and services or appropriations, may investigate complaints and conduct public hearings with respect to government operations and local matters, and may submit findings or recommendations to the governor and the legislature. The mayor may require information in writing relating to local matters as may be necessary to his investigation under this subsection. The mayor in consultation with the Municipal Council, shall submit items for inclusion in the proposed budgets for both government operations and capital improvement projects. The governor’s budget submission to the legislature shall state his disposition of the budgetary requests contained in the submissions received from the Mayor, he shall coordinate any extension of federal programs extended to the island, shall act as the principal local official for coordinating activities with disaster control for the mobilization of resources and meeting emergency conditions in the islands, shall appoint, in consultation with the head of the respective executive branch department, all resident department heads, and shall perform other responsibilities provided by law.

Resident Department Heads

RDH Carla San Nicolas, Tinian Liason Office

RDH Mary Susan Perez, Department of Commerce (DOC)

RDH Bonnie S. Borja, Department of Community and Cultural Affairs (DCCA)

RDH Milissa A. Mendiola, Department of Finance (DOF)

RDH Jay Jess San Nicolas, Department of Labor (DOL)

RDH Guillermo C. Borja, Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR)

Acting RDH Herbert C. Borja, Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Deputy Commissioner Ray Dela Cruz, Jr., Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFEMS)

Division Managers

Allen M. Perez, Chief of Staff

Bernadita C. Palacios, Assistant Chief of Staff

Raena P. Cing-Cabrera, Grants and Project Manager

Romeo A. Diaz, Special Projects 

Alicia M. Adriano, Planning and Budget 

Barbara C. Borja, Municipal Treasury

Jospeh M. Hocog, Event Coordinator

Maria M. Castro, Community Outreach

Telisha A. Borja, Tinian Youth Center

Julie Sablan, Tinian Public Library

Juan E. Santos, Jr., Emergency Preparedness 

Michael Lee A. Borja, Dog Control